Friday, 5 October 2012

A Cabinet of Curiosities

Subtle changes of colour in the October hedgerow

'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' wrote John Keats. I find that October can also be the season of big hairy spiders. How disconcerting it is to enter the bedroom and see a huge beastie scampering over your pillow and disappear under the bed. Normally I don’t mind the odd creepy crawly, but just not tickling me as I sleep. But I suppose you can’t blame them, they just want to be warm and dry as the weather gets colder.
Plenty of fascinating things in the hedgerow to sketch this month. Found some very interesting fungi on my walk to the post office yesterday. The Sketchbook Challenge this month is ‘A Cabinet of Curiosities’.  This appeals to me enormously, as I have always been fascinated by weird and wonderful objects, especially from nature.

I remember many years ago, my then fiancé came a-calling, to find his beloved happily engrossed with her watercolours….. and a dead stoat on the table. To misquote Charlotte Bronte, ‘Dear reader, I did not marry him!’ What an evil little face it had...  I mean the small mammal of course, NOT the fiancé!

Now from the ridiculous to the sublime....
On the beading front, Peacock is progressing, I am working out the fringe placement. I did one side of it, roughly in place in the photo. I need to make adjustments and move the top strand over a notch or two and reposition the others, but it will look stunning when completed.

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