Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Sketchbook Challenge

I’ve decided to join in with The Sketchbook Challenge, the theme this month is ‘PATTERN’. Being a keen beadworker, pattern is never far from my mind and I see ideas for jewellery all around me. A walk down a city street becomes much more interesting when you look at patterns in railings and architecture and imagine turning it into a wearable piece of art.

Some of the best ironwork patterns I’ve seen recently are in Mostyn Street in Llandudno. All along the street runs a covered walkway, with dozens of different wrought iron patterns.

Here is my sketchbook page for this month's challenge. Ideas for two necklaces are just beginning to take shape. The blue one will make a very impressive collar I think. I'm looking forward to the next challenge, a new theme is revealed at the start of each month. To find out more visit the The Sketchbook Challenge blog at:

My Peacock necklace is coming along nicely. I decided not to include purple in it after all. This was because I wanted to have a more accurate representation of the colours in a feather, so I've gone for lime, rust, royal blue and gold. I've also decided that it will have a gloriously lush fringe. Not sure yet what the clasp will be like, a button and loop perhaps.

Talking of clasps, a new DVD arrived from the USA this week, full of useful techniques for making all sorts of fastenings that blend in with the beadwork. I learned several new techniques from it. Beadworkers in the USA are so lucky, they seem to have many more resources than we do in the UK. Thank heaven that we can now send off online for just about anything we want.


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