Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Creative learning curve

Every piece of jewellery I make teaches me so much. The Kimono necklace is certainly no exception. The human neck is not flat, so I wanted a really good shape that would sit well and be comfortable. Checking the fit on my trusty metal jewellers mandrel helps no end. All the weaving was done with Nymo thread, and any areas that are likely to flex, or be touched, like the toggle. I've reinforced with Fireline.

Now I've got that strange bereft feeling that comes when a piece is finished. I guess I'll read and tidy for a day or so and then carry on beading again with renewed vigour. I made a Youtube slideshow which shows it being made.
Talking of reading, I've a couple of new books to enjoy. They are both must haves for anyone interested in bead embroidery. The first one is packed with fabulous pictures of finished jewellery, very inspirational. No techniques are described in detail, but it's a wonderfully thick book and I can guarantee hours of happy ogling at the beady eye candy within!
The second features the bead embroidery of Heidi Kummli. Heidi takes a very spiritual approach to her work and the book is full of information of the meaning of totem animals, healing stones and colour theory. She shares a wealth of knowledge on bead embroidery techniques and the book is choc full of gorgeous pictures. If you check it out on Amazon, they have some sample pages.

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