Thursday, 2 August 2012

Pips and Squeaks

Do plants have feelings? I think they must do if my recent experience is anything to go by. Last week I bought 2 identical little dahlia plants to brighten up the patio. After a few days  one was vigorous and sporting loads of pretty yellow and red blooms. The other was looking very dismal and snail chewed. For some reason I got it into my head that it was being overshadowed by the other one and as a result was lacking in confidence!

Thinking it would benefit from some dead heading I went over and pinched off a dead flower. EEEEEk said a high little voice!  Maybe the tiny Fae that inhabits it was taken by surprise! I resolved not to startle it again so have been giving it some encouraging pep talks over the last few days. I empathised with it completely, I know  it can take a while before you find your own unique way to shine.

Pippa - a seed gatherer faery with her special
circlet on her forehead
Talking of Faery Folk, I have been working on something with a seed and berry theme. Feeling that I wanted to work with wood beads after a while of making sparkly things,  I tipped a big jar full of them out onto my beading mat. Out fell a beautiful oval shaped piece with a mother-of-pearl centre. How strange, I don’t remember buying it or putting it in the jar. I got paper and pen out to do some quick sketches of how I might use it, and an idea almost seemed to draw itself. It’s very scribbly but enough to show what I am to make. I must work it up into a finished watercolour, it would make a lovely little gift to pop into the box with the necklace when I've made it.
The centrepiece almost seemed to stitch itself –the challenge I think will be the twisty stems adorned with berries, seeds and leaflike beadwork that I want to surround it.
I’ll need to stitch sample pieces to perfect the technique, which will be a useful one to learn, as I plan to do some more wood elf pieces in future. Here's my first tryout.

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