Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Dreaming of Summer

Tea in a sunny garden - just a dream in my sketchbook!
My apologies for my absence from the blogosphere for a week or two. Selling bits and bobs on Ebay and Amazon has been keeping me busy. This weather seems to be favouring the online sellers, as I have had a (usually wet) stroll to the post office laden with packets most days. My dreams of sitting in the sun under a shady parasol with pot of tea and beadwork  have not come true so far this year, although as I write this the sun is peeping through at last.

Abalone shell
At least I seem to have made some much needed space, and have come across some gorgeous beads I had completely forgotten about. Sometiimes things can sit in my collection for years before they find their destiny! A big collection of lovely Jasper cabochons will inspire dozens of pieces and a huge abalone shell piece just begging to be made into something with a watery theme. I can just begin to see it in my minds eye as a very freeform piece, which sounds as if it should be easier to do than one of the more structured and symmetrical pieces. This is not always the case, partly because it can be hard to let go, relax and let the beads determine the design.
When I have found the time for beading I’ve been working on ‘Kimono’ and it is now at the stage where I am making the strap. What a challenge it is to get both sides the same! Sometimes I think my patient nature is as much a curse as a blessing, as it seems to take me several weeks to finish a piece to my satisfaction. But detail and texture is what interests me creatively, so I just follow my heart.

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