Saturday, 16 June 2012

Space..... the final frontier

I’m talking about that little hole where the toggle goes through. It’s important to get it just the right size, so that it both secure, but at the same time easy to do up. I spent a while thinking about how to do this one. I came up with a dumbbell shape, the two larger beads help to keep it in place and it blends in well with the style of the necklace.

I’m really pleased with it now it’s completed, beading over a leather thong has resulted in a nicely substantial chain and the whole thing has a glint and gleam to it that reminds me of metalwork.

I’ve restarted work on my kimono neckpiece at last, I daresay it will take a couple of weeks to complete, I’m a tortoise as opposed to a hare where beadwork is concerned. The clasp on this new piece will be a real challenge as I envisage something shaped like a little fan with a hook and eye on the back to do it up.

In between beading sessions I'm having a huge clearout of books and equipment, listing on Amazon and Ebay. Like many crafters I've tried loads of things over the years, and have stuff gathering dust that I will never use.

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