Saturday, 9 June 2012

If I had a hammer....

I certainly had a birthday to remember!  The sun shone in Yorkshire, the whole time we were there, and our nephew and his wife had a glorious day for their wedding on 26 May. The pub where we stayed overlooked the cow and calf rocks on Ilkley Moor – what a view.

After all the walking, partying and travelling we needed some time to recover.
Now I’m back to my normal calm and peaceful lifestyle and the Viking inspired piece is coming along nicely. I’m learning some new techniques as I go. I realised early on that I wanted some coiled copper in it, so I’ve beaded the chain over a leather cord. This has given it real body and it holds its circlet shape really well, the wire elements help to stiffen it. I want to do a lot more metalwork in with my beading in future pieces, and have ordered some tutorial books and DVDs as well as some equipment, including various hammers (cue rude words coming from the beading area as fingers get bashed).

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