Thursday, 21 June 2012

Coat of many colours

Beading round such a thick and square cabochon is presenting some new challenges. I’m having to think much more 3 dimensionally than I usually do for my Kimono Neckpiece. Luckily, I enjoy a nice hard beady puzzle and as usual, what starts out to be difficult turns into something of a learning experience.

It was my husband’s birthday this week so we had a day out, just pootling about in Norwich, ending up in the local Wetherspoons for a beer or three and a steak. Next day was spent very quietly!

Sold 2 necklaces since my last post, Viking, which I finished last week and also a very pretty Copper Beech necklace. Must hurry up and get some new things done for my website. Husband being on holiday at the moment means that inevitably I end up doing more household chores and feel guilty at spending so much time at the beading desk instead of spoiling him.

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