Saturday, 5 May 2012

Karma Chameleon Kumihimo

Pansies - from my sketchbook

I’m getting more adventurous in my choice of colours. Four years at art school taught me all about colour theory, but even so I often used to stick with colours that were very close to each other.

Purple with pink

Purple comes to life when
you add some
complimentary colours

If I was making a purple pendant,for example,  I would tend to mix it with paler versions of that shade. Purple really comes to life when used with hints of yellow, or lime. You only have to look at the cheerful little face of a pansy to see nature at work with that colour combination.

Painted silk inspired by flowers
I’ve had the silk paints out, as I’m painting my own silk ribbons. I know, I could go out and buy silk ribbon, but this is much more fun and they will be vibrant and unique. I started off by painting  a metallic resist called gutta onto a wide strip of silk then added areas of silk dye in flower petal shades. I did wonder what my husband would make of it, as at one stage it looked as if Jackson Pollock had been at work at my beading desk. But he really liked it! In fact he said it would make a great scarf and what a shame to cut it up. But cut it up I will, as I have the idea for the spring posy kumihimo braid firmly in my head. 

The best book on colour theory for anyone who loves freeform beading, kumihimo or bead crochet is 'Beaded Colorways' by Beverly Gilbert.  As well as gorgeous pictures there are several colour wheels to take out and use. A glance through the pages will have you tipping tiny beads out to mix them into ‘bead soup’!

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