Saturday, 19 May 2012

Happy Endings

My new Verdigris necklace
I’m looking forward to a few days away from the ‘squirrel dome’ as my husband calls my beading area. We have another family wedding and my birthday at the end of the month and some serious partying is called for. Got my hair done yesterday and then sorted my outfit. This grotty weather makes it difficult to plan what to wear, and my dress has short sleeves. The answer, I decided was a shrug on top. Very on trend!
One of the biggest challenges when designing jewellery is the fastening, it can make such a big difference to the piece. I have started to make my own closures, especially for my bead embroidered pieces.
I completed a new necklace this week, with a handmade toggle clasp, very striking in verdigris and copper, a colour combination that I really love.
I’ve also started work on my Kimono neckpiece, I’m at the stage where I make a paper model of it, which I will use as a template to draw round. I’m intending to make the clasp like a fan shape, it just feels as if it will fit in with the design perfectly.

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Mary Ellen said...

Your work is beautiful and I so agree with you the fasteners make a difference. Thanks for sharing. I've never had the studio called the "squirrel dome," though. What do you know, a new name!

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