Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Axes and Angst

I’ve been in a strange mood this week. Haven’t felt inclined to get fully involved in the kimono inspired neckpiece before we go away. My first template looked too big when I’d cut it out, I need to reduce it in size otherwise I will end up with a bullet proof vest instead of a necklace. Not a good look.
Instead I got out my sketchbook and came across some ideas I had for axehead shaped pieces. Am I becoming armour obsessed?  I’m a sucker for any archaeology programs on TV – especially those with hoards of gold in them (Tony Robinson can keep the pot sherds). So out with the bronze, copper and gold beads and before I knew where I was I was fully immersed in a new design.
Actually it’s been good for me to have a couple of things on the go at once, I normally work straight through on one piece. I might adopt this way of working permanently to keep things fresh and spontaneous. Anyway, the sun’s shining and I’m off to Ilkley to party. Crumbs I’m 56 this weekend! Maybe that’s why I’m in a funny mood!

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