Thursday, 5 April 2012

Barking up the wrong tree!

A mock up done in photoshop

Goodness me I wasn’t kidding when I said there would be a few surprises in store with my Clarice neckpiece! She has led me a merry dance over the last few days. On two occasions I have made a start….  only to discard the piece and  start all over again. On the first occasion I realised that the shape at the top reminded me of a fried egg. Can’t remember Clarice Cliff ever doing a range called ‘All Day Breakfast’

After a bit more research I saw that Clarice Cliff designs often included a tall stylised tree so this will hopefully work well. So that I am clearer about the design, I used photoshop to make a sort of ‘photofit’ of what I am aiming at. I'm much happier with the layout now and hopefully I will be able to make some progress over the Easter weekend.

I will be needing regular doses of chocolate!

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