Monday, 19 March 2012

When art and nature meet

Bejewelled Caddis by Hubert Duprat
When I was at primary school we had a nature table. Pride of place was a freshwater aquarium, filled with interesting minibeasts. The creatures that fascinated me most were the Caddis larvae, with their clever cases constructed from sticks, stones and tiny shells. No two Caddis are alike, as each one creates its case from whatever it can find in its immediate environment. Looking at these tiny creatures ignited a lifelong burning passion for all things encrusted and textured. Any bead embroidery artist could draw a parallel between herself and a Caddis. Sorting through piles of tiny treasures and applying them to an object that becomes a personal adornment seems almost to be part of our DNA. We just can’t ignore the urge! Recently at the museum near my home there was an exhibition by French artist Hubert Duprat. He was interested in Caddis too and kept them with flakes of gold and tiny precious stones and pearls. The Caddis used these to make the most beautifully decorated cases, like fabulous pieces of jewellery.
Adding the encrusted chain

On the work front, Mermaid is almost complete. It now contains over twenty Swarovski crystals. My favourites are the little flat flower shaped ones, that catch the light so well. I have made a handmade button closure so that the back looks really lovely on the neck.  So just the loop on the other side to do this afternoon.

The handmade button closure
Over the next few days I will put together all my in progress photos to make my You Tube video.
I am now making a small fun piece, a little initial for a favourite niece, which will make a pretty bag charm. Then a break for a few days for a big family wedding. Once over the excesses of the celebrations I'm starting the Clarice neckpiece.

3.45 pm again. Loop now complete and I've got that strange feeling that always comes when a piece is finished after many hours of beading. Here is mermaid in all her glory.

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