Friday, 2 March 2012

Sparkle and shine

They gleam and shimmer, they tempt and inspire. I'm talking about handmade glass cabochons and I just can't resist 'em! I have quite a few that I have collected over the years and they are waiting to be made into gorgeous bead embroidered jewellery.

Two of them have come out of the treasure chest and have found their way into my Mermaid neckpiece, which is in progress.

Early stages - attaching the cabochons

I am taking photographs of each stage as I complete it as I think it will be fun to  put together a You Tube video to show it being made step-by-step. I have so many fabulous elements I want to get into this piece of jewellery, and I want it to have the look of the deep, with an encrusted surface and a seaweedy shape. I have some tiny flat faceted Swarovski crystal disks that I am planning to add to the stitching round the cabs to add to the look of the ocean floor. Righty Ho me hearties back to the beading desk!

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