Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Order out of chaos

One of my newly reorganised areas
Beading has been on hold for a few days due to a huge sorting out session in my working area.
I just couldn’t go on with it the way it was and did some serious rethinking. The result is a much more organised space.

Cabinets of little Perspex drawers now hold bead mixes and findings. Clear boxes of beads are organised by shape and colour and everything is much more accessible.

It makes me feel a whole lot more professional, which is vital now that I am going to spend several hours a day working in there.

Now that’s done I can concentrate on ‘Mermaid’ again. I found some lovely turquoise coloured glass oval beads to include, large one and a smaller one. Now I am enjoying crafting seaweed-like shapes with seed beads. Allowing myself the freedom to do an asymmetrical piece has been exciting.


Patricia said...

Hi Valerie,
At last i managed to post ,wasen't sure how to do it. :-)

Just wanted to say that I just love your work.

Also I need to do what you have done these past few days and try to get my beads and books,mag into shape. it is exausting trying to go through all the small boxes everywhere looking just for the colour,or beads that i am looking for,or what book or magazine i remember seeing something I liked and would like to try to do.
I do enjoy following your news and admiring your talent and beautiful beading.

Kind regards


Valerie Jones said...

Many thanks for your nice comment Patricia. I think it is the time of year that makes us want to sort things out. It also makes it easier when putting things away again at the end of a project. I always pull out many more tubes of beads than I use at the planning stage of a project and putting them all away again at the end can sometimes take quite a while!

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