Thursday, 8 March 2012

Exploring patterns and colours in nature

Painting in watercolour exploring
gerberas and lilies

A bouquet of flowers is a fabulous treat for anyone, but for the creative person it is especially so. It can inspire a whole sketchbook of ideas for beadwork projects. Working in a medium other than beads is a brilliant way to loosen up and get the creative juices flowing.

 Taking the time to really look at colours and shapes and then just ‘messing around’ with paints, paper cut outs and fabric is great fun.

Painted on silk

Mirror images are often surprising and can be a good starting point for a piece of bead embroidered jewellery. You just never know where these creative experiments can take you and all sense of time can be lost. Before you know it a whole afternoon has sped by and there is a mad scramble to tidy up and prepare evening meal!

Hmmm really must get a CD of whale song!!

My mermaid neckpiece is progressing well, the wet windy weather has suited its evolution!  Until I became a blogger I didn’t quite realise how many hours my bead embroidery  took. However, pleasure goes into every bead stitched. The photographs taken along the way should make an interesting You Tube video. It has become obvious to me as it progresses that a formal, symmetrical, back section would be wrong. It needs some structure, but needs to be a bit more freeform than my original sketch. I’ll just follow my intuition.

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