Thursday, 9 February 2012

Valentine thoughts

As the time for romance approaches I often think back to the Valentine Days when I was a little girl. How we looked forward to our treats! On the evening of February 14th, there would be a mysterious knock at the door. One of us children would rush to open it to find nobody there. But there would be a package, left on the doorstep by Valentine. Inside would be small gifts, nothing extravagant, maybe a jigsaw, possibly a puzzle book or a ball and some sweets, sometimes – joy of joys – a magic painting book. How I loved magic painting books (still do I must confess). 
This is all a long way removed from all the hype and expense around in the shops just now. I like making hearts though, and have sold handmade cards at craft fairs and gift shops locally.
On a beady note Athena is progressing well, central section done and now the strap to complete and sterling silver clasp to affix over the weekend. I’m really pleased at how the design looks like the original one, but is at the same time quite unique. Well that’s what handcrafted should be about really. Enough rambling and back to the beading desk!

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