Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pick 'n' mix

I had an email from a customer earlier this week bemoaning the fact that there were no bead shops in her area. It's the same where I live and I guess the internet is to blame for the disappearance of independent craft shops. I'm as guilty as the next person for this, it's a bit of a Catch 22 situation, we want inexpensive, we want it delivered - and then we miss the little guys when they have to close. We have a great big Hobbycraft store out of town and that's about it and even in there you can sense the tumbleweeds blowing down the aisles.

We do have a shop called Angels Crystals where they sell gemstones and fossils though. I popped in there yesterday and bought a large and very gorgeous Lapis Lazuli cabochon flecked with tiny sparkly inclusions. It was lovely to browse somewhere where you could rummage and pick things up rather than look at a sometimes inaccurate photo. This will probably sit on my desk for a while, before it eventually tells me what it wants to be made into!
Pick a peck of pearls and petals!

Back home for a quick lunch and then up to what my husband wryly calls 'The Squirrel Dome' to get on with the Rosebowl Braid. I've woven in loads more beads from my stash that are reminiscent of petals.

I bought a great new book this week (I've climbed off my soapbox so I won't drone on about the lack of little bookshops).

For anyone who loves jewellery and artists sketchbooks 'Drawing Jewels for Fashion' by Carol Woolton is a complete joy. It gives a glimpse into the ideas and inspiration of some of the worlds top jewellery designers and shows their working drawings, thought processes, mood boards and so on. The cover really doesn't do it justice, but if you look on Amazon they have a preview of some inside pages.

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