Monday, 27 February 2012

Makeover musings

Rosebowl Braid - just completed
Monday again and time to indulge in some bead embroidery again after a hectic weekend. Oven cleaning, watching the Rugby (with much celebrating afterwards) and booking hotels for 2 wedding weekends away meant limited time in the 'Squirrel Dome'.

However, I completed my new kumihimo braid on Friday, the handmade brick stitch clasp looks just right on it - it blends into the weaving much better than a bought metal one would have done.

Sketch with cabochons laid in place

Sorting through my collection of handmade glass cabochons on Saturday, I came across 2 beauties that just refused to go back in the box and I had to get the sketchbook out right away. After the geometry of the 'Athena' commission I am compelled to go all organic and flowing in a large bead embroidered neckpiece for a change, whilst I wait for the beads to arrive which will to go into the 'Clarice' bead embroidery. I've so many things on the to do list, not least of which is a makeover for my website. I'm increasingly finding that there is a real crossover between embroidery and bead weaving. With several techniques appearing in one piece, it's no longer realistic to have separate categories, and anyway, I think it's time the website had a fresh new look.

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