Monday, 20 February 2012

Keep calm and Kumihimo

Athena finished at last and off to her new home
Finally managed to get to the beading desk this afternoon after a frantic morning of packaging and a walk to the post office laden with packets. There always seem to be loads things that need to be done before I can sit down to the actual process of making something and I know from reading other artist's blogs that we all find this to be the case. Any tasks to do with the internet just seem to eat into your time and parcelling up for dispatch can take a while.

I finished Athena a couple of days ago and she has gone off to her new home so I have started a new Kumihimo braid this afternoon.

Wooden Marudai ready to begin braiding

Kumihimo braiding is one of the most relaxing activities I know, it is all to do with the rhythmic movements and the sound the bobbins make as they pass back and forth - just like wooden wind chimes. Kneeling on the yoga stool listening to soothing music with aromatherapy oils in my burner is a pretty good way to spend a Monday afternoon. After a couple of hours the Karma is fully restored!

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