Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Just do it!

Prepared fabric with cabochons glued in place
- now let the beading commence!
Over lunch today I watched a TV programme about David Hockney's new exhibition at the Royal Academy. He said that an artist should design with 3 things, head, heart and hands - just 2 of them won't do. How true that is! Often a first sketch is much livelier than the finished piece if you're not careful.

Too much procrastination can knock the heart out of a project, and whilst it can be technically perfect, the spirit has been lost in the striving for perfection. It's a difficult balancing act sometimes. With that in mind I lay my rough sketch for my mermaid bead embroidery down on the fabric to draw round, avoiding the temptation to fiddle with the shape any more and quickly sketched in the swirls and attached the cabochons. I want to try a recreate my initial vision with the beads so I've just got to jump in an go for it! I guess all creative people procrastinate - and it can lead to a real creative block. The trick is to relax and dive right in.

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