Thursday, 2 February 2012

February frost and comfort food

Robin and ivy from my sketchbook
It’s hard to imagine that just a month ago I was watching lizards basking on rocks in Tenerife!  What a contrast this frosty weather is. I was out early this morning putting out food for the birds. No sooner had I got back in the house than two robins arrived, hopefully to refuel before the woodpigeons drop in to my ‘bird bistro’ – what clumsy great things they are.

Treasures found in the
frosty hedgerow
The hedgerows are rather sparse, but I was surprised on my walk yesterday to see some periwinkle still in flower in some places amongst the ivy, as well as the usual early spring flowers. Now there’s a nice idea for a necklace, the delicate blue would be lovely amongst deep glossy green and black twisty ivy stems. But I must keep this idea on hold for now (along with a trillion other ideas) whilst I complete ‘Athena’.
Comfort food for body and soul today include hot soup, a frosty walk to the post office and beading around a cabochon with all the colours of the sunset in it.
My second You Tube slideshow is online now. Visit for a few minutes of beady eye candy!

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