Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Every girl has her vices

Mandi is a big help - and she never complains!
I’m referring to those essential bits of hardware that make life easier for the bead worker.
The large metal neck is useful when making paper or plasticine roughs at the planning stage. It also helps to see how a piece of bead embroidered jewellery will look on a real person. Her name is Mandi and she came all the way from Italy, (her technical name is a mandrel). Mandi is modelling a paper rough of my Mermaid bead embroidered neckpiece with cabochons attached with double sided tape. She is an invaluable companion when making an asymmetrical piece, as I need to know how it will hang. I want it to be comfortable and not twist round when worn. In this case I needed to add a tiny bit to one side of the necklace. I'm really excited about the soft wavy shape of the piece.

I also use a fly fisherman's vice when I am making beaded beads. It was bought from an online fishing tackle store and is perfect for the job. For ages after getting it I received catalogues of fishing rods and chest waders!

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