Wednesday, 15 February 2012

……and then I realised it was all just a dream!

Cheerful clutter in bead heaven
There I was, working away in a beautiful clean spacious studio. Stacks of custom-built storage cabinets lined the walls. Acres of worktop meant that I could have half a dozen projects on the go at once. All my tubes of beads were neatly sorted by colour, size and shape. Books were tidy and shelved according to subject matter. Tools were on racks, clasps and findings neatly boxed and labelled.

Sigh…. It is just a lovely dream and the reality of my tiny working space is rather different. But I love it dearly, as I am surrounded by treasures and delights collected over a lifetime. Tiny silk birds and a butterfly bought when I was an art student, glass mobiles and suncatchers, fortune cookie slips from our honeymoon and charity shop bought trinkets make up just some of the joyful clutter that jostles for space amongst the jewellery making equipment. My clever husband has made pegs for jewellery and installed shelving for books, beads and art equipment.
Home is where the heart is!

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