Monday, 6 February 2012

An abundance of beadwork

Athena in progress

Athena is coming along nicely. I’ve let the sunset colours in the cabochon influence the colours of the smaller beads.
A touch of copper and peacock is combining well with deep purple and pink. I’m glad that I’m becoming more adventurous in my choice of colours.
Talking of adventures, what fun I had yesterday looking at Clarice Cliff ceramics for a new embroidered neckpiece design. I thought at first that I might do a pendant based on one piece of china, but my original vision has expanded after some research and this will be a larger piece. I know I want to get sun rays in there somewhere, as well as the geometric shapes that sum up the art deco era so well.

After some experimental doodling I’ve done my preliminary sketch.

It’s good just to let your imagination run riot sometimes. Well, why just settle for a plate when you can have the whole dinner service. Now there’s a good philosophy for living!

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