Monday, 30 January 2012

New beginnings

I love Monday mornings and one with a tidy desk and a new project to begin is even better.

Here is the gorgeous cabochon I'll be working into the centrepiece of my next project.

Klimt necklace - finished!
I completed the Klimt necklace on Friday and by the time the clasp had been added and the last thread had been snipped my workspace looked like a bomb had gone off in a bead shop!  Although it has taken a day or so longer to finish, I am very happy with it and I’m glad I changed the design slightly as I went along. I’ve added it to my website along with my Deco Fans necklace. I spent most of Saturday tidying and reorganising.

Whilst sorting things out I found the most gorgeous cabochon (above) to put in the necklace I am starting this week, which is a new version of the Athena necklace that I have been asked to make. I’m also in the middle of a new YouTube slideshow, which will showcase things I didn’t get round to including in the first one. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the week.

Deco Fans necklace

The urge to purge is upon me at present and I have been out in the garden clearing dead leaves away from all the little green shoots that are peeping above the soil. Bulbs need room to grow as well as beaders.

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