Monday, 23 January 2012

The Muse and the Beading Imp

There a some days when everything in the beading world is lovely. These are the days when I feel inspired – the Muse has turned up and I’m ‘in the zone’. The beads behave themselves and I leave my workspace feeling as if I’ve achieved. But there is the occasional day when the Beading Imp turns up instead and makes mischief. He will spill my beads, tangle my thread and throw needles into the carpet pointy end up. He challenges my creativity any way he can.
The inspiration for a new kumihimo braid
So it was on Friday – I was stuck with the border of the Klimt pendant and I felt it needed something ‘Jazzy’ and different to what I normally do, but what? I just couldn’t resolve it and was getting frustrated.

Ribbons for the braid

Retail therapy is a good way to distract the Beading Imp, so I went off to buy ribbons for a new kumihimo garland inspired by berries, leaves and catkins and let my subconscious work on the design for the pendant surrounded by rich patterns and textures in the fabric shop.

The completed pendant
When I came back I knew exactly how to proceed and did an alternating black and gold border. Now I have to make a chain that will complement the design. Something with some square elements in it I think. I should have the necklace finished by the end of the week.
Actually I have a theory. I think the Muse sends the Beading Imp occasionally to force me to ‘think outside the box’ as it were!

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