Wednesday, 18 January 2012

..... and so to bead

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt
Spent a very enjoyable morning making sketches
and planning out the Klimt pendant. I decided that I will be selective about what shapes to include. There are some elements that Klimt used many times in his paintings.

He was very fond of using a chequerboard pattern, together with swirls and little 'target' shapes.He often used gold in his work, which gave his paintings the look of Russian icons.
I will include hints of gold in my pendant.
Notes from my sketchbook with actual beads laid on it.
I have started off by making a watercolour sketch and laying some beads down to get an impression of how it will look.

I will anchor the cabochon to the base using a different technique to the one I normally use. Because Klimt used geometrical shapes alot, I need to find a way to secure it with straight strips of beadwork - the best way I can describe it it is like tiny luggage straps. All will become clearer later!

My ingredients!
Foiled cabochon

I've prepared the stiffened background fabric, I've sorted the beads out and I've made a nice pot of Earl Grey..... and so to bead.

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