Wednesday, 4 July 2018

A punnet of berries

Punnet. Isn’t that a lovely word. I’m not talking about a nasty, plastic supermarket container here. Oh no, I mean a lovely old fashioned wooden chip punnet. I remember helping my granny to pick raspberries for Sunday tea. I loved the way the punnet had been stained from previous fruity forays along the raspberry canes. We ate as we picked, to the background hum of bees and the contented clucking of her hens.

This morning I went on my own foray – into my thread and bead boxes – to choose colours and textures that remind me of berry picking. I want to include a visual reference to the stained wooden punnet, so I have drilled and dyed my wooden beads and then varnished them.

I will take my Japanese marudai braiding loom out into the garden to weave this happy summer memory into something tangible and pretty. The background hum of bees will be a common strand between past and present.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Calming, cool and monochrome

Maybe it's the hot weather we've been enjoying, or perhaps it's that I've been busy with colourful seed beads, but I felt drawn to the little box in my workroom where I keep my black beads. It's not a colour scheme I use often, but it just felt right somehow. I cut a length of sterling silver wire, grabbed my pliers, took a deep breath and just went for it, hoping that the 'beading gods' would guide my fingers. I tucked the last end of wire neatly in and - would you believe it there was nothing to trim - the wire I'd cut was exactly the right length to the very millimeter, for the wrap. Beading is like that sometimes (but all too rarely!)

Mr J came in, looked at me and said 'You look serene'. Now that's not a phrase he has ever used about me before so I'm thinking this little pendant must have something. He thought it looked very chic and stylish, so I was doubly pleased.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Iris inspired colour scheme

Decided to sit in the garden and embroider some earrings. I love the colours in iris flowers so picked out beads in those shades.

I'm at the stage now where I'll add edging and backing. These will have a fringe at the bottom so will be lovely to wear with something feminine and floaty.